Private Schools in Scotland

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There are 39 Private Schools in Scotland which take pupils of secondary school age, many of which also have junior academies. Out of these 39 schools 33 are academically selective, meaning pupils must undergo some form of admissions process involving an interview, formal examination or both. The 6 schools which are not selective are: Belmont House School, Cedars School, Edinburgh Steiner School, Hamilton College, International School of Aberdeen and Loretto School.

A massive 37 out of the 39 schools do offer some form of bursary or scholarship for pupils coming from financially challenged backgrounds who may not be able to fully afford tuition fees. The two schools which do not offer such subsidies are Fernhill Schools and Wellington School.

How Much Do Private Schools in Scotland Cost?

Day Fees range from £6710 to £26,607 per academic year.
Boarding Fees range from £21,162 to £32,361 per academic year.

Types of Private Schools Available in Scotland?

Schools Offering Boarding:15 (38%)
Co-Educational Schools: 32 (82%)
Boys Only Schools: 2 (5%)
Girls Only Schools: 5 (13%)

















Scottish Private School Map

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