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pupil revising for a private school entrance exam

About Educators Guide to the Best Independent Schools, also known as ‘The Educators’ was launched in 1996, giving over 20 years of high quality advice and guidance to parents of high performing school children across the UK.

It currently gives impartial information and ratings on the best private schools in the country. Selecting an independent school is a huge decision, which has financial and personal implications, so let us give you a helping hand in selecting the best private school for your child with our free service.

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Our School Ratings System

In order to identify the best private schools in the UK, Educators has created its own ratings system which encompasses a variety of factors. Some ratings systems aimed at establishing the best schools focus only on academic data. This is not the case in the Educators Rating Score, scores are calculated using exam results, sports facilities, drama and arts facilities and school grounds.

All information used in our ratings system is impartial and sourced from public data.

Exam Results – Although the Educators top school ratings are blended between a number of factors, exam results do still hold the most weight – accounting for 75% of what makes up a school’s score.

Sports Facilities – The best schools often also have high quality and extensive sports facilities, which is why this is the second highest factor, accounting for 15% of a school’s score. Specifically the following is assessed when looking at a top school’s sports facilities: gym equipment, swimming pool, sports halls/pitches and specialist sports facilities.

Drama and Arts Facilities – Similarly the best schools in the UK can have outstanding drama and arts facilities. Some of the top (and most expensive) private schools have dedicated performance theatres, recording studios and dance studios. This factor counts for 5% of a school’s score.

School Grounds – The grounds in many of the UK’s best private schools are expansive and very well maintained. This is something which can have a hugely positive impact on pupils’ mental attitude, happiness and outlook. The final 5% of a school’s score is allocated based on whether it has grounds, or is essentially a building-only school.

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