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Since launching in May 2016, Educators has gone from strength to strength, quickly becoming a go-to source of information on independent schools in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Educators is imminently expanding its school listings and audience to the south of England, and with this comes the launch of premium listings!

Upgrading to a premium listing allows your school to capture the attention of parents, displaying your very best features AND driving new inquiries via contact details, web links and an in-page form which goes straight to your admissions staff.

Basic Listings

All schools listed on Educators get a free basic listing with minimal content, which will inform parents of your existence, but likely not drive any serious interest compared to premium profiles.

Basic listings are without contact details, web links, images, video or other promotional upgrades. Basic listings also DO include links to other school’s listings in prominent positions.

Premium Listings

Schools can upgrade to a premium listing which focuses on selling your school’s best features to parents to ensure you’re one of (if not the only) school they consider.

A premium listing drives parents to take one of the following key actions:

  • Visit the school website via prominently featured hyperlinks
  • Fill out an inquiry form on the premium listing which is sent directly to admissions staff
  • Get in touch directly via the listed contact details

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Premium Features Explained

School Overview – Key information on the school, giving parents a succinct overview of your history, location, values, activities, fees amongst other important information.

Grounds & Facilities – Inform parents of the value you have to offer through a nurturing scenic location, top of the range sports facilities, music and arts facilities any anything else worthy of note.

Extracurricular Activities – Show off your out of classroom activities, sports programmes, social clubs and societies which help develop well-rounded pupils beyond academic results.

Scholarships & Bursaries – Give details on any academic scholarships or means-tested bursaries you have in place, including requirements and deadlines.

School Notice Board – Notify parents of key events and happenings throughout the year such as open days and other school news articles.

Photo Gallery – Visually display your school in all its beauty with a 9 picture interactive photo gallery. After all, a picture paints a thousand words!

Video Embed – Embed any video full-screen to captivate attention and demonstrate various school activities in action, or even give parents a virtual campus tour.

Web Links & Contact Details – Send visitors to your website with prominently placed hyperlinks throught the premium listing, helping to drive new admissions inquiries.

Lead Capture Form – Many visitors remain on Educators visiting multiple school profiles, by utilising the inquiry form on your premium listing which is send directly to admissions staff.

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How Parents Find Educators

Educators is highly ranked on Google and other major search engines for every geographical area we’re active in. On top of that we receive a host of referral traffic from highly visited parenting sites, UK blogs, local council sites, university and college sites and many more.

Top 5 in Google

When searching for any terms related to ‘private schools’ or ‘independent schools’ in any country, town or county Educators operates we are present and gaining valuable traffic!

Not only are we featured in the top 5 results on Google, we’re often in the #1/#2 spots, grabbing huge volumes of traffic which can be passed onto schools with premium listings.

Referral Traffic

Educators Compared to Other Promotion Options

Advertisement Type Cost Audience Traceable Response Duration
Educators Premium Listing (web) £250* Local & National Yes 12 Months
Bus Shelter Advert (6 Sheet) £250-£350 Local No 2 Weeks
Newspaper (1/4 Page) £250-£799 Local No 1 week
Standard Billboard (48 Sheet) £550 Local No 2 Weeks
Radio (60 x 30 sec ads) £600-800 Local Dependent on Advert 1 Month

* Introductory price of £250+VAT for first 12 months, then £500+VAT thereafter.

Get Started With a Premium Listing

For a limited time only schools can upgrade to a premium listing for only £250 + VAT* per year. Take advantage of this great offer before pricing increases!

Fill out the adjacent form and our administration team will be in touch to gather the relevant details to upgrade your listing. You will receive a simple document to fill out and send back.

Our team will take care of the rest and your premium listing will be live within 1 business day.

Any required changes throughout the year will be processed ASAP.