What Careers Are Private Schools Good For?

It is never too early to provide a solid foundation for your child’s career. The job market is becoming increasingly competitive and anything that could give your child a competitive advantage in their future career should be leveraged. While it is virtually impossible to predict your child’s future career, there are signs that could indicate the profession(s) that would suit them well. Maybe you have discovered that they particularly excel in certain subjects, or that they are very passionate about some professional fields.

Private schools are better funded and feature superior faculty and facilities when compared to public schools. Some of the more prestigious private schools have gained a reputation for excellence which reflects well in your child’s future resume. Apart from the prestige factor, most successful private schools have very active alumni associations which give your child the opportunity to network easily once they enter the job market.

Future careers that stand to benefit from a private school education include:

Careers in the tech industry

Less than five decades ago, the quintessential image of a successful person was an industrialist who owned significant stakes in profitable companies; now, it is a software developer with an innovative app. Technology has changed how we live and do business, and your child’s future more secure if they have advanced computer knowledge.

While most public schools have computer labs and have integrated computer literacy in their curriculum, private schools excel at nurturing technology education. For starters, most private schools have well-stocked libraries with books that your child can use to teach themselves the fundamental basics of programming. The computer labs in private schools not only have more computers, they also feature better models.

Computer clubs and other tech-related after-school programs are also better funded in private schools. By the time your child reaches university, they will have grasped most of the fundamental concepts involved in software or hardware development.

Science-related careers

Private schools offer better remuneration packages for teachers than public schools. This means that they generally have better-qualified teachers, especially in science-related subjects, and are better at understanding if a student needs additional help. A knowledgeable and passionate teacher is often cited as being one of the most influential factors behind one’s career choice.

These better teachers, supported by superior facilities, would be important towards preparing your future scientist for their career. Private schools also offer regular school trips to museums, observatories and other science-related venues.

Professional Athlete

If your child has shown some promise in sports, then there is no better place to nurture their future career than private schools. Private schools have better coaches and sporting facilities. In fact, some of them have programs specifically created to nurture students that excel in sports. In addition to their athletic development, private schools are more likely to tailor make an educational curriculum that works around your child’s training schedule.

A career in the arts

Most public school systems have underfunded, or non-existent, arts programs. These include classes and after school programs involving drama, creative writing, painting and music. If you have an artistically inclined child, then a private school education might be more appropriate for the nurturing of their talents.

All private schools are not created equal. Always research well to find the perfect school that will facilitate your child’s preferred profession. Some schools might suit a tech career better than a sporting career. If your child is an over-achiever, you might benefit from schools that offer tuition scholarships.