Harris Academy, South Norwood

Harris Academy is located in South Norwood in London. The school admits pupils aged from 11 to 18 years old and is academically selective. The school has specific and exacting standards for entries both in year 7 and 6th form. The majority of new entrants come into the school from primary school, starting in year 7 in September in line with the local academic year. The school currently has capacity to intake 390 new pupils to year 7 each academic year.

The timeline for admissions is as follows:

  • October (year before) – Parent have to submit their child’s application form to the local authority, no admissions are to be sent direct to Harris Academy.
  • December – Testing day at the school, children are required to sit an admissions examination in order to be selected for placement.
  • March (year of entry) – Successful applicants are notified and offered a place at Harris Academy upper school.
  • March (year of entry) – Any admissions appeals can be lodged and parents/pupils will receive a response to their appeal by the end of April.
  • September – Waiting lists are closed and pupils join the school.

When joining Harris Academy for 6th form only the pupil’s previous exam results are the judging factor, an entrance assessment is no longer necessary.

General School Information

The school in its driving ethos is very enterprise and results driven. Harris Academy teaches both staff and pupils three ‘golden rules. The golden rules are as such: ‘I am here to learn’, ‘I have a positive attitude’ and ‘I will make it happen’. By following these golden rules in all aspects of life at the academy the school management aims to not only produce excellent examination results, but well rounded members of society.

The schools pupil numbers speak for its success, when opening in 2007 there were only 43 pupils in its sixth form. Presently there are 380 academically excellent pupils enrolled in sixth form. Many of the school’s pupils go on to attend the UK’s top universities; which is a real credit to the quality of teaching.

Cumberlow Avenue,
South Norwood,
SE25 6AE

Telephone: 020 8405 5070
Fax: 020 8405 5100

E-mail Address:info@harrissouthnorwood.org.uk