Choosing the right independent school is not an easy task

There is an abundance of information to consider.

Making clear and comparable sense of all the information available to arrive at the correct decision for your child can be overwhelming to say the least.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a blanket “good” school, the real question to consider is whether a school is good for your child?

Take advice from the experts, we have analysed hundreds of schools and have the methods, tools, tips and tricks ready at our disposal to help you get ahead of the crowd to make a smart and less stressful decision. Don’t just go on the most publicly visible information, arm yourself with a true account of what each school is like and make the right choice!

This exclusive 44 page guide is FREE for a limited time and contains everything you need to ensure that you select and gain entry to the perfect school for your child!

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What's in the guide?

SECTION 1: Finding the REAL Factors for Success!

Don’t be tempted to just look at one of the many lists out there detailing “important things to look at when choosing a school”. Yes these are a good starting point, but only scratch the surface of what you need to consider to select a winning school. These lists are built on generalisations of what is good for every child, you want to choose a school that’s perfect for YOUR CHILD!

In this chapter we go through various questions you should ask yourself and your son or daughter, in order to build up a clear picture of exactly what it is you’re looking for. Most parents have a good idea of the main factors they require in a school. However, it’s all the small details which can make or break the overall quality of a school.

It’s almost impossible to cover everything you need to analyse off the top of your head. By using the information contained here you will put yourself leaps and bounds above the average parent. Make sure you choose a school that is outstanding in ALL the factors that matter to your child’s success, not just the big box ticking categories.

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Case study: Samantha Wilson

“I had been brainstorming what I needed to consider to make the right school choice for a while. I live in an area with a number of choices available to me, so a fair few were in contention. At this point I had hit a roadblock and didn’t know what to compare on above exam results, facilities and teacher to pupil ratios.

On top of this my daughter was very nervous about moving school, so it wasn’t just on educational factors that I had to decide on. With the help of these pointers I was able to create selection criteria that were much more tailored to her. We made a great choice and she’s fitting right in and doing great!”

SECTION 2: Researching Schools Like the Experts Do

At our team has researched hundreds of schools to the highest degree of detail. In this section we share all of our sources, knowledge, methods, tips and tricks for unearthing the most important information that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make. Therefore it makes sense to take advice and learn from educational consultants who have done this for years hundreds of times over. In this chapter you’ll learn methods of unearthing information that we can almost guarantee no other parent is using. You will easily cut through the clutter and quickly get an accurate and invaluable account of the quality of any school you want to research.

However this section not only provides you with unique methods that help you research schools, it also points out the pitfalls to avoid that many parents encounter when making a decision on a private school for their child.

Cut out the fluff whilst finding vital information other parents miss, amongst many other things this section teaches you actionable insights to:

  • • Uncover Archive Press Stories For Free that Would Otherwise Remain Buried
  • • Learn simple to use (but little known) search engine tricks to find information about schools that other parents simply NEVER see. There is an abundance of coverage for local schools in newspapers that gets buried away over time (both good and bad). We show you how to quickly surface years of goings on at any school which can be very revealing!
  • • How to Get an Unbiased Account of the Quality of Teaching at ANY school
  • • Learn how to quickly access information on the quality of teaching in any school from the comfort of your Laptop/Tablet. No we’re not talking about independent inspection reports here, this source of information is invaluable to getting a fly on the wall understanding the quality of individual teachers and schools overall.
  • • Get Your Hands on Inspection Reports
  • Independent inspection reports of any school are available for free online, we show you where to get these instantly. These reports are great, but if you don’t know how to read between the lines properly vital facts can evade you quite easily. Learn how to understand the language, terminology and structure of reports in this section.
  • • See Past the Marketing Spin Schools Present to You.
  • You need to remember that for almost all independent school recruiting new pupils is the lifeblood of their funding/income. Because of this, most schools now employ a marketing officer to make sure all promotional materials and the school website displays exactly what they want you to see. We teach you how to put the dampeners on this ‘sheen’ and get a grounded understanding of each school you’re considering.

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Case Study: Heather Bilsborough

“I had two schools in mind to choose between and was instinctively leaning towards one over the other. Regardless I always like to do my research before making a decision, this situation was no different. On paper there wasn’t anything between the schools at all.

However using the tips and tricks here I found some less than settling facts about certain teachers, which thankfully steered me completely in the other direction from my instinct. I’m sure I’ve made the right choice as the teaching staff at my chosen school is second to none.”

SECTION 3: Become a World Class Detective When Visiting Schools or Attending Open Days

When you go to visit a school they will usually give you a guided tour, perhaps allow you to sit in on some lessons and also ask questions of teachers and pupils. This is a great way to get a feel for how the school operates, the teaching style and general atmosphere of the institution. What can be difficult to separate is the fact from the theatre as the school is definitely in 'presentation mode'. This section arms you with the tools to do just that!

There are ALWAYS tell-tale signs you can pick up on which will reveal just how good or bad a school really is. The trick is knowing what to look out for and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this chapter. After reading this advice you’ll definitely be the most perceptive and shrewd parents on any school visitation or open day.

This is one of the most invaluable and highly praised sections of the guide. Don’t be content to plod along with the crowd, make sure you are a step above the rest and get a true understanding of a school’s value to you.

  • • Hidden observations to make during your visitation that reveal a LOT about the truth behind:
  • - Operations.
  • - Facilities.
  • - Pupil Behaviour & Attitude.
  • - Staff & Teaching Practices.
  • • Killer questions you wouldn't think to ask various stakeholders and what they can reveal:
  • - Questions to ask the head teacher.
  • - Questions to ask current pupils.
  • - Questions for class teachers.
  • - Questions to ask your guide/admissions officer.
  • • In-depth information on key trip up points to seek clarification on before proceeding to an application:
  • - Special Entry Requirements/Pre-Requisites.
  • - Academic Pupil Grouping.
  • - Class Sizes.
  • - Homework Policies.
  • - Performance Management.
  • - Disciplinary Policies.

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Case study: Ian Wellington

“As someone who works in sales I know that people buy the sizzle and not the sausage. After attending a few open days, I realised that some schools definitely try and dress things up and present them as more than they are.

I personally don’t mind being direct and asking questions to cut through the clutter. Having looked at the material here, I think it’s very cleverly crafted and would help a lot of people who are more modest probe for the information they need without being seen as rude”

SECTION 4: Pass Entrance Exams With Ease and Ace Admissions Interviews

Most schools will have an entrance examination followed by a structured interview. Preparation for these stages of the application process is absolutely vital to success. You don’t want to be let down at this late stage after so much work and preparation...

Many people think that doing well in an entrance exam or interview is simply down to intellect. Sadly this just isn’t the case, every year we see hundreds of cases of smart pupils failing entrance exams. Conversely we see hundreds of average pupils gaining entrance to highly selective schools. The reason being is that you need to prepare for the specifics of the entrance process for private schools.

This chapter takes you through exactly what topics are in the examinations, what materials you should use to prepare and if private tutoring is likely to help your child pass. Also included is an in-depth view into what the admissions interview process involves, what sort of questions are asked, how to dress, what to bring with you, how to prepare and vitally - what the interviewer is looking for.

After reading this chapter you will be ready to ace any school’s entrance process and be thoroughly knowledgeable in:

  • • Entrance examinations:
  • - What level of tutoring your child may need (or not).
  • - Which practice papers to use to get the best results.
  • - Running mock exams to get your child ready.
  • • Application Interviews
  • - What to expect from admissions officers.
  • - The interview structure laid out in full.
  • - Example questions that are often asked.
  • - How to prepare and practice for interviews.
  • - How to dress and conduct yourself on the day.
  • • Aptitude tests:
  • - How to practice.
  • - How NOT to practice.
  • - What schools are analysing and looking for.

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Case study: Miranda Barton-James

“When applying for an independent secondary school for my eldest he sadly didn’t get in due to a poor performance in his entrance exam. It really frustrated me as he is a very intelligent boy and more than capable of producing the results the school was after. However we just didn’t know what to expect and as such hadn’t prepared in the right areas.

Earlier this year my younger son was applying to a separate independent school (we have moved areas). With the action plans and preparation materials provided here we were able to get him accepted with ease. I’m over the moon and just wish I had known what I do now first time round.”

SECTION 5: Financially Planning for Private Schooling

Understand the full cost of all expenses above tuition fees

So you’ve done your budgeting, and know what tuition fees you’re able to afford. However, have you added up all the additional costs which can come with private education?

There are a lot more expense on top of just paying the listed fees that many parents overlook. This section details various costs to consider which may be incurred on top of tuition fees.

Making sure that you have fully budgeted for what an independent education is going to cost you means there are no nasty surprises around the corner.

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Case Study: John Brooks

“Being a hard working parent who wants the very best for my child I decided to put my daughter into a private school to get the teacher attention she needs. My wife and I had done our sums and budgeted that we could just about afford the fees.

Unfortunately we didn’t realise all of the extra costs that would mount up in terms of learning materials, uniforms, school trips and costed extracurricular activities. It put a real strain on our finances and caused a lot of unnecessary stress which could have been avoided.”

Don’t do your child a disservice, this fantastic 44 page guide costs nothing and lets you access the methods, tools and tricks you need to guarantee you choose a great school and saves hundreds of hours of research.

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